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December 15th, 2005

01:56 am - Changes
Heh. Give this another try.

I'm switching over to atthe_algonquin for blogging. I have things to say again, and I'd rather start out someplace fresh. So don't be surprised to see me friending you :)

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October 14th, 2005

07:51 pm - RSS
okay, I think I have an rss feed up at kalicrafts. It hasn't updated yet - I guess it checks once a day? Just a forewarning - when it does update, it'll probably spit the last five or six entries onto your flist. This includes one smallish image, and one that's pretty big, both sfw. (Well, unless you count Diane Arbus' work NSFW.)

Yay! We all win! ;)

ETA: up and running. The posts, the posts!

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12:04 pm - Just a quick note:
I'm blogging again, over at kalicrafts.blogspot.com - I prefer the interface, among other things. It's a bit more reflective, essay-like, and less meme-y than my LJ was, and hopefully a bit more entertaining :) I think there's a way to get the RSS feed to show up on your LJ friendslist as well, for ultimate ease of use ;)
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August 27th, 2005

01:52 pm - We're waiting for Godot
Y'all may have noticed I haven't posted in awhile - i simply don't feel the need, nor the desire to. I still read my flist, but am finding myself less and less drawn to LJ, and to publishing my life and thoughts. I like my paper diary for that. Less public navel-gazing.

I'll still be updating my blogger journal (http://kalicrafts.blogspot.com/), though that will mostly be craft stuff and book reviews.

If you feel a deep need to keep in touch, my e-mail is scrapple82@gmail.com :)

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August 9th, 2005

05:52 pm - I need a "death of hamsters" icon
(Pterry fans will get that :) )

Yes, folks, Benny has gone to the great....hamster habitat....in the sky. I was cleaning out his cage when I peeked inside his little house, touched his little claw, and went "Jesus Christ, am I the hamster deathbringer or something?"

He was laid to rest in a shoebox with a bit of fluff, a carrot, and some food, that was then gently laid in my trash can. (I live in a sea of concrete, and am not that dedicated to drive this over to my parents' and bury Benny next to the cats.) I'm not exactly broken up about this - I have no idea how old he was, and hamsters aren't really known for their sturdiness/longevity.

What I *am* curious about is how he died - I know there's at least one rodent expert out there (Hi Catherine!), and if anyone has any ideas, I'm curious. I don't think he starved - he was fed not long ago, and he died in true Elvis fashion, mid-dook, telling me that he was at least getting some sustenance. About a month ago, maybe a bit more, his urine and/or faeces took on a *really really* strong ammonia scent. I mean, it made my eyes water when I cleaned his cage. His faeces also changed - they went from brown to black, also with a strong scent. He was active up til the end, though, and didn't seem to be any weaker or more lethargic. Plenty of water, and my apt stays around 70-80 degrees at all times.

The dwarfs do NOT have any of these symptoms - their faeces are still dark brown, and there's no ammonia scent, just the usual hammie musk.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks :)
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August 8th, 2005

12:26 am - blog update
Updated http://kalicrafts.blogspot.com/ with some book reviews. They don't seem very good, but I just wanted to get them out, and written. Practice, and all.
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August 6th, 2005

05:35 pm - Mary Sue Meme
1. Go to the Elouai doll maker
2. Make an ordinary doll of yourself and save it.
3. Take that doll and, leaving a couple things (nose, eyebrows, whatever) the same, Mary Sue yourself. Make the most blatant Mary Sue you can conceive.
4. Post "Before" and "After" in your LJ. Bonus points if your Sue has a backstory of some sort.
beforeCollapse )
afterCollapse )
I play with the premade costumesCollapse )

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August 5th, 2005

07:17 pm - gahhhhh
yeah, I gave in.

MySpace Entry

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August 3rd, 2005

06:46 pm - Observations from my first Krav Maga class
It's so cute when my male opponents are sooo nervous about hitting a girl, and then I go after them full strength ;)

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August 2nd, 2005

12:48 am - Grad School
I'm finally doing some down-and-dirty research.

(This does, in fact, involve shrieking aloud with joy when I read through U of Edinburgh's website. Ahem.)

I'm puke-excited; this is good :) I'll actually get the damn apps out this time....
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